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Vietfil Corp (VAF) as a pioneer in air filtration and clean air solutions in Vietnam

In recent years, the problem of air pollution is becoming more and more serious in our country. The condition of the atmosphere is always dense with fine dust as if covered by fog, which occurs frequently in big cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. So how are air pollution and the solution to the problem of clean air filtration, please find out through the article below.

What is air pollution?

Air pollution is a negative change of components in the atmosphere that is mainly caused by smoke, dust, and foreign gases. These agents often create unpleasant odours, reduce visibility, and cause climate change and disease in humans, living organisms and the natural environment.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), every year more than 90% of people are exposed to outdoor fine dust that is higher than the safe air quality standards set by WHO. That's why WHO has called air pollution a "silent killer" cause 92% of the world's population is living in air quality that is below safe standards.

Consequences and harms of air pollution

Impact on human health

Air pollution can lead to stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and respiratory diseases (According to WHO). Compared to other causes of premature death, the impact of PM2.5 fine dust pollution can be compared with smoking, three times higher than using alcohol and unsanitary water, six times higher. compared with HIV/AIDS. According to the report, direct tobacco smoke reduces life expectancy by an average of 1.9 years; alcohol and drug use reduces life expectancy by an average of 9 months; unsafe and unsanitary water sources reduce life expectancy by 7 months; HIV/AIDS decreased by 4 months. However, unlike cigarette smoke, air pollution affects everyone and is almost inevitable.

In 2013, the United Nations classified PM2.5 dust on its list of letter-causing authors. WHO recommends airborne PM2.5 dust not exceed 15 micrograms/m3 in any 24 hours, or 5 micrograms/m3 averaged over the year. In light of the evidence controls for the power of air pollution, in 2021, WHO administered the safety standard, changing the standard guidance (from 10micrograms/m3 to 5 micrograms/m3) for the Standard Panorama Test. levels, ranking 97.3% of the global population as unsafe for level exposure.

Studies show that the lung function of children in cities is much worse than that of children in rural areas. Diseases related to diabetes, heart disease, and blood pressure in adults... are directly related to air pollution. Air pollution is linked to fetal development and premature birth. Inhaling dust and gas during pregnancy affects the fetus's cognitive ability and learning ability.

The economic impact of air pollution

Economic losses due to air pollution affecting people's health include expenses for medical examination and treatment, loss of working days due to sick leave, and post-infection rehabilitation costs. Disease prevention and control costs, etc., also affect relatives, creating indirect costs due to absenteeism from school or work to take care of loved ones when sick. As a result, there are unstable psychological effects that make it difficult for people to focus on work and study, making productivity ineffective, even in many professions, the loss of concentration can have serious consequences. economic and health importance.


Why Vietfil?


Viet Air Filter Production Joint Stock Company (VAF) was established in January 2008, in Binh Duong; As one of the first enterprises specializing in clean air filtration and clean room equipment on the Vietnamese market, VAF always strives for sustainable development with the common development of high-tech industries in Vietnam.

We provide solutions for non-standard gases, meeting conditions of temperature, humidity, pressure, anti-bacterial, cross-contamination... in certain rooms or areas that comply with current standards. both nationally and internationally.


Vietfil Corp (VAF) always aims at 3 main goals: quality, cost and the most satisfactory service to customers. Our industrial air filtration products are widely applied in food processing, pharmaceutical, medical, ...

Currently, capturing the user's preference for cheap prices, many poor-quality filter products are rampant on the market, seriously affecting the filter performance when used by customers, especially in applications in the fields of fields such as medical, pharmaceutical, food, electronic components... the consequences are even more unpredictable.

The next group is imported products with relatively high costs, which are difficult to access for most businesses in Vietnam. At the same time, many accompanying difficulties such as: being passive about the time to deliver products to customers; components and spare parts are usually not available for replacement when problems occur; no live technician support...

Understanding the needs of customers, Viet Air Filter Production Joint Stock Company (VAF) was born in 2008 in Dong An 2 Industrial Park - Binh Duong, is a pioneer enterprise in Vietnam in industrial air filtration and clean room equipment.

Viet Air Filter Manufacturing Corporation (VAF) is a leading enterprise in the field of manufacturing air purifiers and clean room equipment with a whole range of international standard production products such as EN 1822-5:2009, EN 779: 2012, ISO 16890:2016, ISO 9001:2015. The outstanding feature of VAF is that all high-end air filtration products such as fine filters and Hepa filters will be manufactured specifically in clean rooms that meet Class 100,000 standards (American standard FE STD209E, equivalent to ISO 8 in the set of standards). ISO 14644-1) a strategic decision for product quality. All products before being shipped must go through a rigorous testing process called Smoke Test & Scan Test to ensure that the product meets 100% standards when it reaches customers.

In addition, Vietfil Corp (VAF) has 2 manufacturing plants in Vietnam with a team of highly trained engineers from the US to enhance competitiveness and create value. differentiate, provide quality products with the most reasonable cost to businesses as well as timely and fastest consulting and technical support.


With a closed production line from the air unit, filter plate formatting with automatic machines, high-tech assembly and quality control, and relationships with the most prestigious filter suppliers in the world, the company Viet Air Filter Manufacturing Corporation (VAF) can guarantee products with consistently consistent output quality.

The main products of Vietnam Air Filter ( production always gain great trust from customers and domestic and foreign enterprises.

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