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Viet Air Filter (VAF), a pioneer in the breakthrough industrial air filtration industry in Vietnam

Air pollution and fine dust (PM2.5) is the most significant environmental threat to human health and is also one of the main causes of death and disease that can be prevented globally.

After the pandemic, the market is especially interested in healthcare products, improving air quality. At electronics supermarkets, people are interested in air purifiers and HVAC systems (air conditioning systems).

An HVAC system is a system that controls the temperature, humidity, and air quality in an indoor or vehicle space. The design of the system is based on the principles of heat transfer, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics. The purpose of the HVAC system is to create a space with the highest temperature, quality, and humidity.

HEPA filter manufactured by VAF™️ - VIET AIR FILTER
HEPA filter manufactured by VAF™️ - VIET AIR FILTER

The HEPA filter is an important component in the HVAC system, HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) can filter up to 99.995% (EN 1822:2009). In addition, HEPA filters are also used in fields with strict requirements for air quality control and microbiology such as pharmaceuticals, vaccines, semiconductors, etc. Today, many businesses offer HEPA filters, but choosing a reputable brand is very important.

EN 1822-5:2009 certificate issued to VAF™️ - VIET AIR FILTER
EN 1822-5:2009 certificate issued to VAF™️ - VIET AIR FILTER

Viet Air Filters Manufacturing Corporation, a pioneer in the air filtration industry in Vietnam, established in 2008, currently has 2 production facilities in Vietnam, producing pre-filters, fine-filters, HEPA filters, and equipment. clean room equipment:

  • Advanced production lines,

  • High-quality raw materials imported from Hollingsworth & Vose - USA

  • All high-end air filtration products such as fine filters and Hepa filters will be produced specifically in clean rooms that meet Class 100,000 standards (American standard FE STD209E, equivalent to ISO 8 in the ISO 14644-1 set of standards),

  • All products before being shipped must go through a rigorous testing process called Smoke Test & Scan Test to ensure that the product meets 100% standards when it reaches customers.

  • The main engineer team is highly trained from the United States with practical experience in executing clean room projects from big customers such as SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS VIET NAM CO., LTD, Intel Products Vietnam Co., Ltd., TENAMYD Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, ….

  • The dealer system (VAF agent in the North, VAF agent in the Central region, VAF agent in the South) covers the whole country, with thoughtful and dedicated customer care and consulting services.

We provide international quality products, competitive cost, consulting, and technical support teams directly.


  • Northern VAF

  • Central region VAF

  • Southern VAF


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